Canada, Aug/Sep 2022

This page contains blog posts from a trip my wife and I took across Canada in August and September 2022. What with one thing and another, and particularly the Covid-19 pandemic, this is the fourth attempt at the trip, put off for successive years. The vast and rambling itinerary represents a huge amount of excellent work (and re-work) by North America Travel Service. Brendan, we salute you!

Before we even begin – choices, choices, choices!

Present tense, but future perfect – we hope

The next stage of the journey – North! to Alaska

Up Ship Creek in Anchorage

All a-bored!

All at sea

Juneau what we did next?

Skagway – It’s The Rail Thing

Totem gesture

Catch As Ketchikan

We discouver Vancouver

A Bridge Too Wobbly

Well Empressed with Victoria

Meet Whales Again

Butch Art

Farewell to Victoria – Victoria to Farewell

Bears repeating

We Bear It Well

Oh My God! More? Can I bear it?

Whitehorse, Green Light

Aurora approval

End of Part One

More Discouvery

Stanley Nice

A Rocky Start

Rocky II

Rocky Mountain, Hi!

Rocky Mountain – Higher

Rocky Mountain Hire Car

Taking a dim view of things

Ice and No Fire

End of Part II

Jasper, Much Maligne’d

A River Runs Through It

Onto Toronto

Falls Guys

Going Underground

Ottowa – Capital!

Plane About in Ottawa

Crossing a qulture qhasm

Anne Interesting Tour

Québec Quests


Taking Steps in Montréal

The Nelson Column

Windy Peg

A Chur-chilly Reception

Tundra: birds are Go!

Can we bear the suspense?

Going to the Dogs

Not Bored Walker

No Fundy Sundy

Taking a view

Signalling the end