This page contains blog posts from a trip my wife and I took to Jordan, starting on May 14 2022.  Because of the Dreaded Lurgy, this wasn’t the first time we’d planned the trip.  Remarkably, though, it is only the second; we have other trips planned which have been put back multiple years, but your joy at being able to read those pages will have to remain confined for the nonce. For the moment, I hope you enjoy reading the posts below.

I also hope that you took the opportunity to allow notifications from this website; if so, you’ll get (via a process I only dimly understand) a nudge to tell you that more of my deathless prose is available for you to read.  I can only hope that you think this is a good thing to do.

(header image courtesy of Audley Travel, who organised our itinerary)

Heading out the Wright Way

Day 1 – Northern Jordan: Umm Qais, Ajloun and Jerash

Day 2 – In the Amman City of Jordan’s capital