Canary Islands, Feb/Mar 2022

This page contains blog posts from a trip my wife and I took to the Canary Islands in Feb/Mar 2022. The original idea had been to go to Antarctica, but the coronavirus pandemic put paid to that.  It also put paid to our plan B, which was to visit the Cape Verde Islands.  So, those two destinations are in our longer-term future; these pages describe a fortnight spent exploring two of the Islands, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, which we had never visited before.

Lanzarote, Day 1 – an early start

Lanzarote, Day 2 – A Salt Course

Lanzarote Day 3 – Aloe energy day

Lanzarote Day 4 – Colora Tourer

Lanzarote Day 5 – It’s That Man(rique) again

Lanzarote Day 6 – The Third Man(rique)

Lanzarote Day 7/8 – Bin to Lanzarote; Binter Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria day 2 – Blown to buggery everywhere

Gran Canaria day 3 – It all depends on your viewpoint

Gran Canaria Day 4 – Moments of Teror in the mountains

Gran Canaria Day 5 – Revisiting Time

Gran Canaria Day 6 – Hike Quality

Gran Canaria Day 7 – We Gotta Get Outa This Place – But HOW??

Gran Canaria Day 8 – Bandama Run