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Cam-il faut: Final planning

Some final planning was needed, so….

…we set up a typical Menorcan evening scenario as best we could, featuring Spanish chorizo (a la Waitrose), and a Menorcan cocktail called a Pomada – local gin (the ubiquitous-for-the-next-fortnight Xoriguer) and home made lemonade.

We look as if we’ll be lucky with the weather for the next couple of days here, so here’s a comparison between Chobham and Menorca:

Menorca may be warmer, but if our luck holds, we’ll have sunshine to help us on our way. I include a photo from the garden to show that although the official version of the local weather is “cloudy”, we actually had some nice evening light.

Photography will be an important part of the exercise, and as a bit of a challenge I’m going to see what can be achieved with just a mobile phone for the various landscape shots.  I should be able to launch my drone in some places so I might well aim for some aerial shots, too.

The adventure starts at 10am tomorrow as we drive to the start of our first walk – and we have lunched booked for 1.45pm at the Barley Mow in Tilford.  Come and join in as we explore various bits of the Surrey countryside over the next two weeks!