Walking the Camino Finisterre, 2024

These pages contain photos, commentary and (you know me) random musings from a trip my wife and I took to Spain in March 2024. The main purpose of the trip was to “complete the staff work” we started by walking the Camino Francés.  Having done the walk to Santiago de Compostela, we undertook a day trip, by coach, to Muxia and Finisterre, coastal locations very much steeped in the  lore of the Camino de Santiago. Having done the 500-odd miles to Santiago, this seemed like cheating, so we formulated the plan to go back and Do It Properly, on foot (as shown in the map above).  As well as the actual walking bit, we decided it would be a good idea to play the tourist as well, and visit nearby Galician towns A Coruña and Lugo (ringed in red) as part of the same outing.

Day 1 – A Coruña

Day 2 – Lugo. Not at all lugobrious.

Day 3 – Lugo again: Victor Lugorum

Day 4 – Santiago de Compostela

Camino Finisterre Day 1: It Begins: Santiago to Negreira

Camino Finisterre Day 2: It begins – to rain

Camino Finisterre Day 3, Mazaricos to Olveiroa – Not quite a cop-out

Camino Finisterre Day 4: Olveiroa to Corcubión – and the first sunshine!

Camino Finisterre Days 5 & 6: Sick Transit, Glorious Monday – and Tuesday

Camino Finisterre Day 7: Finisterre to Lires – mainly Jane in Spain

Camino Finisterre, Day 7: Lires to Muxía – Mainly Jane Again In Spain

Camino Finisterre Day 9: Muxía to Quintáns – Normal service resumed

Camino Finisterre Day 10: Quintáns to Dumbria – Just another day’s walking

Camino Finisterre Day 11: Dumbria to Mazaricos – revisiting earlier scenes

Camino Finisterre Day 12: Flamin’ Rain In Spain – Again!

Camino Finisterre Day 13: Walkin’ back to Santiago, whoop-ah, oh yeah, yeah*