Oman, 2019

This is a page of posts from a holiday my wife and I took in Oman, February 20 to March 3, 2019. This was organised for us by a company called Hud Hud Travels, who did an outstanding job of making sure that we had a fascinating itinerary, supported by brilliant staff and a great guide, in as much luxury as was possible under the circumstances (you’ll have to read on to find out more on that).

Oman is a fascinating country. The Times featured an interesting article about it whilst we were actually visiting. Since we were in the mountains and off the grid at that point, I didn’t read it until after I got back.

Oman, Day 1 – starting off on the wrong boot

Oman Day 2 – The Cattle Market

Oman Day 3 and 4 – In Transit (well, Toyota Land Cruiser, actually) to, and a day at, the beach

Oman Day 5 – Just Deserts

Oman Day 6 – Wadi View!

Oman Day 7 – Back to “civilisation” with a bump

Oman Day 8 – Muscat Ramble

Oman Day 9 – and we thought the mountain roads were rough!

So – Oman, eh?

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