We decided to ignore Lockdown and go away for the weekend

Well, you know how it is – nearly a full year of restricted freedoms. The third lockdown, particularly, has been a draconian curtailment of liberty combined with utterly shite weather. This has led to a build-up of frustration – drowning in mud on local walks, too horrid and icily unsafe for running or cycling, and not being able to go further afield.

So, when we found out about this Nice Little Barn Conversion which offered a cosy weekend away, we thought how nice it would be to celebrate one of our many anniversaries with a change of scenery. I have to say that we only gave the lockdown restrictions a second’s thought before setting out on the journey to investigate the place where we could celebrate 32 years as a couple.

And very nice it was, too. Tastefully decorated and with an appropriate welcome laid out for us as we arrived.

And the hosts had kindly laid out the necessities for the morning, too!

So, all was set for a pleasant celebratory evening.

There was one essential duty we had to perform, of course, which was the next in a series of posts we started before Christmas.  Saturday night is Cocktail Night (#saturdaycocktails), and so we had to cobble up a post from the available resources, since our normal cocktail cabinet wasn’t available to us.



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The place is very comfortable for a weekend away.  I didn’t sleep all that well, but that was more to do with a strange bed and too much booze. The bedroom itself was very comfy.

So, all in all, we can declare our discreet little weekend away to be a success – we had a nice time, and were able to celebrate our 32 years together in a pleasant variation from the Lockdown 3 norm of being slumped in the lounge reading or doing the crossword.

You might think I took what might be thought of as a little risk in posting about our excursion on social media as I did; and I was quite surprised that only a couple of friends spotted that we were apparently breaking the law.  I was frankly hoping for a little more outrage (beyond someone arguing that I’d posted a photo of food, something I normally abominate).

So, once I’d got the reaction, I was going to show the video of the journey to our little tryst.

Yes, we didn’t really go all that far!  We had just finished setting up the outbuilding which used to be the garage, and which was where Jane’s mother lived for the 10 or so years she spent with us.  Now we want to use it as guest accommodation for friends when they come to stay.  So, our “weekend away” was just a test run.  Well done to Kate, who spotted that we might just be spending the night in the shed! 😊

However, the exercise showed that we have a viable guest suite now, so here’s to the real end of Lockdown and we can once again enjoy face-to-face socialising with friends and offer them somewhere comfortable to recover from the cocktails that seem to be becoming an ineluctable part of our life these days.



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