…and Planes – Adios, South America

…And Boats (well, Boat)…

Trains (well, train)….

Breathless in Cusco

Humming another intermezzo

The Machu Picture Trail

Oy, Oy, Ollantaytambo – a day in the Sacred Valley

Intermezzo: From Lima to the Sacred Valley

Lima – Bean there, done that

Quito marvellous day out

Galapagos 7 (Saturday) – Gad it’s hot! Must be the heat.

Galapagos 6 (Friday) – Shark therapy

Galapagos 5 (Thursday): What they tortoise

Galapagos 4 (Wednesday): Rays your game before a Dolphin Shower

Galapagos 3 (Tuesday): Nazca racing and shark fishing

Galapagos 2 (Monday): Booby Booby Do

Galapagos 1 (Sunday): Getting under way

Half way through – and what have we learned?

Ecuador: half a day in Guayaquil

Surprise-o Valparaiso

Easter Island 3: The rest of the moai, a volcanic crater and Birdman

Easter Island 2 – The making of the moai

Easter Island – 1: mystery history

In transit 2 – Bariloche to Puerto Varas

In transit – 1: Ushuaia – El Calafate – Bariloche

The (Glacier) Cherry on the Cake

Tierra del Fuego – 3: All hail Cape Horn. And sun. And rain. And WIND!

Tierra del Fuego – 2: Cowardice (or common sense?) strikes

Tierra del Fuego – 1: Ventus Australis, Ainsworth Bay and the Tucker Islets


Torres del Paine – scenery by the bucketload

A Singular Experience in Puerto Natales

Santiago, Chile – cue queues

Why I use RAW